Chloraseptic Coupons (2013 Guide)

by julie on May 8, 2013

Chloraseptic offers a line of health care products including lozenges and sprays.   We have scoured the web to help you find all the Chloraseptic  coupons and free samples available at this time.

Chloraseptic  Brand Overview:

Chloraseptic is a well-known product by Prestige Brands, a company committed to ensure quality, effectiveness and the well-being of its consumers. Chloraseptic provides fast relief for sore throat and mouth sores. Its main ingredient is benzocaine which has proven to successfully treat irritations and alleviate the pains.  The Chloraseptic lozenges relieve the pain associated to acute inflammation of throat and mouth, clean nasal passages and stop cough. The soothing liquid at its centre has a pleasant taste of cherry, citrus, lemon or wild berry and is sugar-free which is suitable for diabetics. Chloraseptic also has a spray that can be used to target the exact area that is painful.  They also have two other products specially for kids 3 years and older.

Chloraseptic offers maximum pain relief and has a cough suppressant action. The brand received positive testimonials from customers who claim that the efficient action of Chloraseptic on scratchy throat helped them feel better sooner than expected.

Chloraseptic can be ordered online or from pharmacies and drug stores.

Chloraseptic  Coupon Guide:

Chloraseptic  Coupon Strategy #1: Utilize discount codes from personal care-focused ecommerce sites. 
Below are several active coupon codes for popular ecommerce sites that sell Chloraseptic  products. Taking advantage of these codes will allow you to get the company’s lozenges and sprays  for a discounted price, often times more discounted than using traditional Chloraseptic printable coupons. To give a specific example, if you bought the Chloraseptic Sore Throat Spray, 6 oz  for $5.95, and took advantage of a 15% offer for first time buyers, you’d save $0.89.

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Chloraseptic  Coupon Strategy #2:  Get access to proprietary Chloraseptic  communications direct from the company
We recommend liking the Chloraseptic Facebook page  Chloraseptic , like many brands, sometimes promotes their best offers exclusively to their private list of Chloraseptic  fans. By demonstrating your strong preference for this brand, you open yourself up to receiving offers that the average coupon surfer won’t find.

If you really like a specific product that Chloraseptic  makes, it is also worth exploring the Chloraseptic company website. From time to time, the company may advertise special time-sensitive promotions around new product launches.

Chloraseptic  Coupon Strategy #3: Check original providers of coupons to look for time-sensitive offers
This is the most time consuming option but is worth exploring if you are committed to finding Chloraseptic discounts and the strategies above aren’t working.  Most coupon sites simply repost coupons from these sites (any search for Chloraseptic  coupons will likely give you plenty of these listings) so you are  often better off going directly to the source. We recommend checking the following sites:, and A quick scan by category will let you know if Chloraseptic  or similar brands (such as Ricola, Cepacol, Halls, or Strepsils) are offering printable coupons.

Chloraseptic Product Line Notes:

Unlike some printable coupons (which are often product-specific), the above strategies can work for a variety of Chloraseptic  products. It is worth familiarizing yourself with the full product line so you can increase the chance that you a discount on a product offered by the company. The list of Chloraseptic  products you may want to search for using the methods above includes Chloraseptic Sore Throat Spray Cherry, Chloraseptic Max Strength Lozenges Wild Berries, Chloraseptic Max Strength Spray Wild Berries, Chloraseptic Kids Sore Throat Spray Grape and Chloraseptic Allergen Block Gel.

Recommended Links:

We hope by following the above instructions, you will have a good chance of finding the coupons you are looking for. As always, if you are aware of any other methodologies for finding the latest coupons or free samples for Chloraseptic , please let us know!



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