Educational Guide to Money and Currency

Money makes the world go around. Before money and currency existed, people bartered and traded to get what they needed or they made it themselves. Today, however, almost everything you need costs money. Different countries have their own currencies, but in every country, money serves the same purpose. Without money, it is difficult to eat, stay clothed and find ways to entertain yourself. Unfortunately, money does not grow on trees. Since money is so important, you must learn how to earn money and how to manage and save the money you make to help ensure you always have enough money to meet your needs.

All about Money

It’s hard to imagine a world without money, but at one time, money did not exist. Learning about how money came into existence can help you appreciate it more. You can also discover how currency, bills and coins, have changed over time. The money people carried did not always look like the money you carry today.

Money Factory – Designing and creating money is a very involved process. Discover what happens at the U.S. Bureau of Money and Printing.
Moneyville: Fun Facts about Money – Did you know a mile of pennies laid out is $844.20? Moneyville offers that fact and other things you probably didn’t know about the money in your pocket.
History of Money – People started using money as early as 2000 B.C. Track money’s use from then until now.
U.S. Currency & Coins – Do you know whose face is on the dime or what scene is on the back of a dollar? This site will help you figure it out.
H.I.P. Pocket Change – “Coins are H.I.P. (history in your pocket)” according to the U.S. Mint which offers a website to teach you all about coins and how they have evolved over time.
ANA: Virtual Museum – Numismatics is the study or collection of currency and you can see some unique currency collections through the American Numismatic Association’s virtual museum.
The History of Money – Money has not always looked like it does today. From bartering, to cattle, to cowrie shells, people used all kinds of objects to get what they needed.
Escape from Barter Islands – What if you didn’t have any money? Learn about bartering as a way to survive by playing “Escape from Barter Islands.”
Where’s George? – Dollar bills travel across the world. Track them and see the many places they go.

Managing Money

As the proverb says, “a fool and his money are easily parted.” If you do not know how to manage your money wisely, you may soon find yourself without any money at all. Even if you do not have any major expenses, it is important to learn to manage your money so you always have enough for what you need and want.

Great Minds Think: A Kids’ Guide to Money – Learn to earn, spend and save while creating a plan for your money with this guide from the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland.
It’s My Life: Money – Practical money advice for pre-teens is offered through the games and activities from PBS Kids’ It’s My Life series.
Money As You Grow – As you grow, your money can also grow. No matter what age you are, discover what you need to know to make your money grow.
You Are Here – Advertisers and businesses want your money. Become a smart consumer and learn how to avoid their tricks.
Financial Education Curriculum – Play some interactive games to learn all about money, how to get it and how to manage it.
Project C.H.A.N.G.E – Learn to dream big, spend smart and create choices with Project C.H.A.N.G.E.
5 Ways to Cut Spending – When you’re a teen, cutting spending is not cool, but the FDIC has tips for cutting spending without sacrificing the cool things you want.
Consumer Jungle – Can you navigate your way through the consumer jungle and come out on top of your finances?

Saving Money

It’s important to learn to save money. Not only can saving money help the money you make go further, but it can help you buy more expensive things that you want and need. Saving money takes a lot of patience and discipline, but if you are committed to it, it is not that hard to do.

Help Your Family Save Money – Kids can help their parents save money too with these handy guides from the U.S. Government’s Help for Difficult Financial Times campaign.
Grow Money – National Geographic’s short cartoons and songs will encourage you to save your money.
The Mint: Saving – Learn how to save and how saving gives you power.
Saving Tips for Kids – Saving is not very hard to do, especially when you follow these six tips.

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